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Leaked Spoilers for TWD S6 Ep. 2 ‘JSS’


Warning – this post contains some major spoilers for Episode 2 of Season 6 of The Walking Dead! You have been warned.

It’s no doubt that after last week’s giant walker horde and major cliffhanger, fans are clamoring at a chance to find out who exactly is laying on the horn. Well now is your chance to find out, as the good folks at The Spoiling Dead Fans have released their Q&A for episode 2 entitled JSS. Who is blowing the horn? What does JSS stand for? Is Enid an informant for The Wolves? Find out below:

TSDF OFFICIAL! Episode 6.02 ‘JSS’ Q&A: -Prime

Q – Who is blowing the horn and is it a result of the truck crashing into the wall?
A – Wolves and Yes.

Q – Does anyone die in the attack? If so, how?
A – Yes, too many to count. Lots of brutal axe attacks.

Q – What do we learn about Enid? Does she have any affiliation with the Wolves?
A – She loves tortoises. No affiliation that we know of.

Q – Is there anything that suggests Maggie is pregnant?
A – No.

Q – Who is the blonde girl that gets carried into the infirmary? How was she injured?
A – No idea, one of the Alexandrians
(TSDF is calling it – it’s Holly).

Q – Does Carol drop the facade and kick some ass during the attack?
A – Yes and F**king Yes!

Q – Do Rick and Jessie have any interaction? How about Rick and Ron?
A – No and No.

Q – Does the whole group make it back to Alexandria for the attack? If not, which characters remain outside the walls?
A – None except for Morgan. (Clarification: Morgan returns to the ASZ while the others from the previous mission are still away)

Q – How many Wolves attack the safezone?
A – Lots

Q – How does Morgan react to the Wolves attack and what is the result?
A – Stick beatdown baby!

Q – Do we hear the line “Little pig, little pig. Let me in” ?
A – Can’t recall. Sorry.

Q – Is Spencer attacked in the watch tower?
A -Yes.

Q – Are there any other flashbacks besides Enid’s?
A – No.

Q – What the fuck does “JSS” stand for?
A – Now that would be telling…. One of the S’s is Survive

Q – Will Father G do something useful?
A – Not really, more of a hindrance and needs helping.

Q – Do we get more Carl? What’s going on with him in this episode?
A – A little. He is protecting Judith.

Q – Are the Wolves still a threat by the end of the episode?
A – Yes we assume so.

It’s no doubt that this episode sounds like it’s going to be a bloodbath. Can’t wait for Carol to kick some Wolve ass! Check out the promotional trailer for Episode 2 “JSS”:

Are you guys stoked for this episode? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.