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Flight 462 Web Series Takes Off This October


Recently it was announced that AMC and the creators of Fear The Walking Dead would release a series of webisodes detailing the plight of airline passengers during the initial outbreak of the zombie Apocalypse. Other than small bits of information regarding the series – e.g. a cast member from this special would join Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead – no other news has been explicitly stated – until now, that is.

Entertainment Weekly announced today that Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 will tell the story of a commercial flight in the early stages of the outbreak as a passenger is discovered to be infected. The first of these episodes will debut on on October 4th.

Every episode of Flight 462 thereafter — all set to clock in at under a minute — will then debut during commercial breaks throughout The Walking Dead’s new season when it premieres Oct. 11. The episodes will also appear online.


But big questions still remain: which surviving member of the flight will join Season 2 of FEAR, and how will they be introduced into the series? Was the plane Nick saw in Episode 4 the same plane from the web series? Additionally, where was the flight originating and could this provide even more details regarding the origin of the outbreak?

These new webisodes mark the first time in a few years that a The Walking Dead based web series has been released. Are you excited to get even more backstory? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.