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Does Daryl Dixon Get Bitten in Season 6?

Warning: Comic Book Spoilers Ahead!

Daryl Dixon is arguably the most popular character on The Walking Dead. He is such a fan favorite that fan girls everywhere have coined the phrase, “If Daryl dies, we riot!”

Hold your breath, fans, because People has just released exclusive Season 6 photos. In one, Daryl looks very contemplative as he holds his left hand, which is not just bloody, but also visibly wounded. Could Daryl have been bitten? Could his time on the show be done? I say, “yes,” and “no.”


Fans of the comic know that in Issue 28, Rick Grimes had his hand cut off by the Governor. The Governor has come and gone and Rick still has his hand. But, we all know that The Walking Dead’s showrunners, producers, and creator have a long history of changing elements of the comic to surprise the fans. I believe it is possible Daryl gets bitten in Season 6 and cuts his own hand off. After all, his brother did it! There would be a cool symmetry there. Plus, Daryl is just the guy to cut his own hand off and still be awesome!

What do you think?

The Walking Dead returns on October 11.

Brandy Elliott