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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Titles & Synopsis for Season 1


Fear The Walking Dead premiered last night to mixed reactions from fans and critics. While some complimented the fresh spin on the franchise, many criticized the “slow burn” in the 90-minute pilot episode. Regardless of whether you loved it or hated it, the show is here to stay for at least two seasons. So, you better get comfortable.

SPOILER TV released the titles and synopsis for every episode in Season 1. Check them out below:

Episode 1.02 – So Close, Yet So Far

Madison tries to keep Nick from withdrawal; Travis sets out to locate his son before Los Angeles falls.

Episode 1.03 – The Dog

After they escape a riot, Travis, Liza and Chris seek refuge with the Salazars; Madison defends her home.

Episode 1.04 – Not Fade Away

Madison and Travis see different sides of the National Guard’s occupation in their neighborhood; the family tries to adapt to the new world.

Episode 1.05 – Cobalt

The National Guard’s plan for the neighborhood is revealed; Travis and Madison make a difficult decision.

Episode 1.06 – The Good Man

As civil unrest grows, and the dead take over, Travis and Madison try to devise ways to protect their families.

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