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Gimple’s Secret Message to Andrew Lincoln Hidden in the Georgia Woods


As a die hard fan, every year I make a trek to Georgia on a Walking Dead scavenger hunt of sorts. My goal? To track down the show’s filming locations and recreate cheesy photos of myself in the same spots the cast has once filmed.

Sources have recently revealed that my yearly journey may have a little added excitement this year! When The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season is released on August 25, the DVD and blue-ray set will contain three hours of bonus material including exclusive commentary from showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, revealing the existence of a buried note he wrote to Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) that has never been unearthed.

Gimple, talking about the Season 4 finale – “A,” in which Rick Grimes buries the infamous “bag of guns” outside Terminus before being captured by the cannibals within, reveals that he wrote a note to Lincoln and left it in the burial location in anticipation of returning to the same spot in the season 5 premiere to dig up the guns. When the cast and crew began filming season 5, however, they did not return to the same spot, instead unearthing the guns at a different location.


Gimple notes, “And that note is still out there somewhere.”

What Gimple does not reveal is what the note says. When asked by executive producer Gale Ann Hurd about the content of the note, Gimple responds, “It might be a little corny. That’s about it.”

I, for one, would love to hunt that note down.

Brandy Elliott