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Did Norman Reedus Spoil a Potentially Huge Season 6 Death?

WARNING: Graphic novel spoilers ahead!

MTV recently sat down with the cast and producers of The Walking Dead and asked them which deceased character they would bring back if they could. Steven Yeun said he would bring back a hybrid of Dale and Hershel (who wouldn’t want those guys back?) and executive producer Greg Nicotero chose Lori. While Sonequa Martin-Green’s choice of Shane might shock some, it was not the most shocking moment in the segment.

Norman Reedus suggested something that shocked even the cast and crew – he named Glenn as the deceased character he would like to see return! Nicotero even stepped in to cover Reedus’ tracks by clarifying that Glenn is not dead yet in the show. Was Reedus just stirring things up, or did he slip and reveal a serious plot spoiler from Season 6 of The Walking Dead?

Fans of the graphic novel know that if the show follows its story and timeline, Glenn is not much longer for the world, as he falls victim to Negan’s barbed-wire bat, Lucille. Reedus’ comments also occur at a time when there is some fan speculation that actor Ethan Embry, who showrunner Scott Gimple has confirmed will play a prominent character based loosely on a graphic novel character, will play the villainous Negan.

Do you think Reedus was just yanking our chain about Glenn dying? Sound off in the comments!

Brandy Elliott