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Kevin Durand Weighs in on Playing Comic Villain Negan


A couple months back, rumors started circling that Kevin Durand was approached to play The Walking Dead comic book villain Negan. Interestingly enough, this rumor seemed to circulate due to comments made by Durand himself, who stated that many people close to The Walking Dead wanted him for the role. Durand now seems to be backpedaling on his original comments, claiming that many fans assume he was approached for the role.

In a recent AMA on Reddit, Durand took the opportunity to address the rumors.

“A lot of people seem to think I’ve been offered the role, and that’s not true. But Walking Dead fans have been approaching me asking about Negan for quite a while. I think he’s an incredible character, what an awesome ride that would be. However at this point in time, shooting The Strain and Vikings takes up most of my year. If they didn’t bring Negan in for like another three years then I would be honored, I’m a huge Walking Dead fan. And I’m honored that the Walking Dead fans have me in mind, but at this point in time the Vampocalypse is keeping me in Fet. Really busy trying to save the world right now.”

Unless Durand’s schedule magically clears up within the next year or so, it is unlikely fans will get to see him cast as Negan. While we think Durand would play an exceptional Negan, it is even less likely that the character will show up in Season 9, as the pace of the show has his entrance scheduled for Season 7ish.

If not Durand, who would you want to see play Negan? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.