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‘The Walking Dead’ Beer is Now a Thing


Put down your inferior IPA, for an official The Walking Dead brew is heading to the market. News broke from the Beer Street Journal that Terrapin Beer Company will be releasing an officially approved label IPA in honor of The Walking Dead. What’s even better is that you’ll be able to get your grimy little hands on it this fall, just in time for The Walking Dead season six, the very season we might just get a glimpse of The Hilltop Colony.

As mentioned, the Terrapin Beer Company is behind the upcoming The Walking Dead IPA. Now if you’re savvy enough like us here at The Walking Dead Enthusiasts then you’ll know that Terrapin was featured on the show. This, of course, was through different boxes of Terrapin brew. Take the image below for example, a 6-pack of Terrapin brew is sitting on the table when Carl walks by.


This new IPA will be made with a red India Pale Ale and blood orange peel. With no specific release date set this fall, the Georgia-based beer company will be releasing the brew in 22-ounce bottles and on tap. While we’ve seen other brews inspired by The Walking Dead such as Dock Street Brewing company’s Pale Stout made with real smoked goat brains, this IPA will be TWD official and (hopefully) free of any human and/or animal parts.

Are you going try The Walking Dead IPA by Terrapin Beer Company? This may be the perfect brew for when the apocalypse hits but keep in mind, you’ll still have to be within the legal drinking age for purchase or consumption. Sorry, kids.