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The Hilltop Colony Confirmed for Season 6 of ‘The Walking Dead’?


After “eye in the sky” set photos were released of the former prison set transitioning into what appeared to be The Hilltop from The Walking Dead comics, The Spoiling Dead Fans released another photo that pretty much solidified that theory.

In this most recent photo, you can clearly see the wooden walls nearly completed, along with the partially completed mansion. Prior photos only alluded to wooden walls, as well as the mansion’s foundation. But with this most recent photo, you can see the creation of a structure that is almost identical to The Hilltop colony mansion. Check out the photo below.


Based on the rate in which this set is being created, we can safely assume that The Hilltop will at least make an appearance during Season 6 of The Walking Dead. We might encounter a similar situation like Season 2, where fans only caught a quick glimpse of the prison in the finale episode.

When do you think we will see The Hilltop show up in the series? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.