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‘The Walking Dead’ S6 Death Rumors – Which Might Be True and Which are Dead Wrong?


Over the course of the last several weeks, a number of death rumors for Season 6 of The Walking Dead have been circling the web. In most instances, some are based in reality while others are not; news outlets like to take minor announcements or cast photos and create obscure articles hoping to increase readers. However, it usually turns out that the article is completely outlandish, and well, dead wrong. So we’re taking the most recent death rumors for The Walking Dead and basing our judgements on solid facts. To date, Eugene, Glenn, Abraham, Daryl, and Michonne have been rumored to meet their demise, but which might actually be true? Let’s find out –

“Completely False” based on Available Information

Glenn (Steven Yeun) – Glenn’s death has been rumored for almost two seasons now. For some reason, news sites have a sick obsession with seeing the character die, and take every opportunity to start a rumor regarding his death. Up until now, Yeun is alive and well. Announcements from the set as recent as July 1 have stated that our beloved Glenn was on location in Georgia.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) – In mid-May, certain news sites started a rumor that Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, had not been seen on set for awhile. The Spoiling Dead Fans quickly shut down that rumor when they posted an image on Gurira in full costume, claiming rumors of Michonne’s death were completely unjustified, and that as far as they knew, the character was “alive and well.”

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) – Back in April, a local news station in Atlanta started a rumor that Norman Reedus was selling his Atlanta-based home. This sparked many rumors that fan-favorite Daryl Dixon would be axed from the series. Norman Reedus took the time to dispel that rumor himself, and has continually been seen on set in full costume.

“Unconfirmed but Unlikely” based on Available Information

Sgt. Abraham Ford  (Michael Cudlitz) – The most recent character to experience a death rumor is Abraham. The Spoiling Dead Fans released set photos of a scene filmed by Cudlitz a couple days ago, where he attempts to retrieve a weapon from a walker. Since this time, numerous new sites have speculated Abraham’s death, as he was seen leaving the set with a torn, bloody shirt while being shielded  by umbrellas.


While this “death” remains unconfirmed, it is highly unlikely that producers would even attempt to film such a public death. Filming is currently on hiatus due to the holiday, so we will just have to wait and see if Cudlitz shows up on set again.

“Might Be True” based on Available Information

Eugene (Josh McDermitt) – This is another death that was rumored a few weeks ago; it’s also the most likely to be true. Josh McDermitt hasn’t been seen on set filming since late May, with subsequent visits in “street clothes.” Further propelling rumors of his death were tweets from fellow actor Michael Cudlitz, wishing McDermitt fair well and good luck in the future. The tweet was immediately deleted, but not after causing a whirlwind of speculation.


Similar to Abraham, nothing is 100% confirmed regarding the death. However, the tweet coupled with the fact that McDermitt hasn’t been filming seems to suggest it is more likely than not that he will meet his demise early on in Season 6.

This is unfortunate news for die-hard fans of the The Walking Dead comics, as Eugene plays an increasingly important role as the story progresses. Killing off Eugene at this point in time would significantly alter future events in the show, requiring someone else to fill those story lines.

UPDATE: It appears that Josh McDermitt has recently been spotted on set, dressed in full costume. So, at least for now, Eugene is alive and well!

What are your death predictions for Season 6? Would you be upset if they killed off Eugene so early in the story? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.