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Brian K. Vaughan of SAGA to Write for ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics


In what might be possibly the best news of my entire life, it was recently announced that Y: The Last Man and SAGA creator, Brian K. Vaughan, will be writing a special issue of The Walking Dead comic book series on Panel Syndicate, a pay-what-you-want digital comic host created by Vaughan. Part of the deal requires that the first of its kind issue will only be available digitally on Panel Syndicate, while an issue of The Private Eye (which is only available on PS) will go to print.

Vaughan will write, with Marcos Martin penciling and Muntsa Vicente covering color. This is relatively big news because for the last decade, The Walking Dead has only been written by Robert Kirkman. Vaughan will be the first writer to introduce his own spin on the series.


The news is being dubbed, “The Last Crossover You Ever Expected.” What can fans expect from Vaughan taking over? Could we see a SAGA/The Walking Dead crossover issue?! The Walking Dead…in space?! Oh, man. The possibilities are endless, and they are getting my nerd juices flowing.

Let us know what you think of this crossover in the comments section below! I still hate Under the Dome, though. Sorry.

Sebastian C.