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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Promos – Zombies, Flu & Paranoia!

AMC has been releasing new Fear The Walking Dead promo clips so quickly that fan’s barely have a chance to say, “Where’s the zombies?” Fortunately for us, one of the most recently released promos for The Walking Dead spin-off gives fans a quick (don’t blink) glimpse of the “walkers” we should expect to see later this summer.


The first promo clip shows Kim Dickens, who plays a school guidance counselor, quelling the fears of a student who is concerned about a virus spreading around the area.

The second video teases the obvious lack of information many people had when the outbreak first occurred. Again, cynical Kim Dickens makes a snarky remark regarding the virus, insinuating it has something to do with the common flu. It also appears that President Obama will make a special guest appearance in the pilot episode.

The last clip is the one I’m most excited about, since it provides us with the first official glimpse of a walker. In the scene, Kim Dickens is joined by Cliff Curtis, as they drive around (presumably Los Angeles) during the initial onset of the outbreak. Little do they know they are in it for the long haul. Is that zombie wearing a conical hat? Only in L.A.

And while we’re at it, another promotional poster for the series as been released as well. Looks like AMC is gearing up for a number of big announcements during San Diego Comic Con in July.


I don’t know about you, but these promos have actually gotten me pretty excited for the spinoff series. Sound off with your thoughts about the clips in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.