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The Walking Dead Top Comic Book Panels We Hope to See

walking dead image comicsThe Walking Dead is getting closer and closer to once again taking over television screens around the world. With the spinoff set to release this summer and film production for The Walking Dead Season 6 underway, we can barely contain ourselves! As I’m sure you already know, The Walking Dead comic book series is far ahead of the TV series. There are all sorts of cool story arch’s, characters and events that have yet to unfold before our eyes in the live-action TV adaptation. We picked some of our favorite panels from the comic book series that we hope to see play out in the future seasons.

Needless to say, this will be extremely heavy with possible future show spoilers. If you have yet to read the comic book series then you are missing out! Seriously, stop reading and head to your local comic book shop to pick up The Walking Dead compendiums!


 Death of Glenn setting within The Walking Dead TV series is preparing for Negan’s grand reveal. We already heard his name drop throughout the entire last season from fans eagerly waiting to see his debut. When this big bad behemoth shows up in the comic book, it’s clear that he will be a force to be reckoned with. Negan first shows up in issue #100 where he introduces Rick’s group to his favorite weapon. Named Lucille, Negan uses a bat wrapped in barbed wire to execute his enemies, in this case, Glenn. Picked randomly out of the group, Negan showed no mercy as he smashes Glenn’s head leaving nothing more than bits of brains and bone behind. #RIPGlenn

Death of Abraham

Abe,_1Abraham is badass, there’s no getting around it. During issue #98, Abraham meets his untimely death. Even more surprising, his death scene was nothing other than completely unbelievable. Eugene and Abraham are outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone where they are discussing Rosita and their little love triangle. Out of nowhere, an arrow shot by a member of Negan’s Saviors, flies right through Abraham’s temple taking out his right eye. However, Abraham continues talking to Eugene as if nothing happened or as if had experienced no pain before collapsing on the ground. It was one of the most shocking and unexpected deaths of the series, since it came completely out of left field.

The Hilltop Colony

HILLTOP_COLONYWho knew that just twenty miles away from the Alexandria Safe-Zone contained another town of survivors? Known as the Hilltop Colony, the location was first revealed to Rick Grimes by Paul Monroe, better known as Jesus. Within the comic book series, the Hilltop consists of around 200 survivors who greatly unarmed but have done a good job of thriving through farming and other old-world methods.

Carl Gets Shot in the Face

2141545-w2Carl is only 13 years old within the comic books and he has been through the ringer. He is spending most of his adolescent years trying to survive the undead. The kid even witnessed his friends, along with his mother and baby sister, die brutally before his very eyes. Still, Carl learns to adapt and adjust to a lifestyle that no one within the world was ready to take on. During an outbreak within the Alexandria Safe-Zone, mass chaos erupts when Douglas Monroe (TV counterpart of Deanna) freaks out and starts blowing zombies away with his firearm. Except, one bullet falls astray and strikes Carl taking out his eye and a chunk of his face.

Ezekiel “King Ezekiel”

108-previewFirst introduced in Issue #108, Ezekiel is a bizarre character you can’t help but love. Located in a community called “The Kingdom,” Ezekiel’s community resembles the medieval times. This character will play a big role in the following events within The Walking Dead and we’re sure he will turn some heads as he owns a pet tiger. Before you ask – yes, the tiger is a zombie killing machine.

Hot Iron

branded_zps45fb54d0Remember how we said Negan is one big bad behemoth? This dude doesn’t let up and even keeps his people in order by making any offense worthy of a harsh punishment. One of the punishments conducted to keep everyone in line is the “Hot Iron.” If Negan finds something out of order, you may have your life spared but your face will be pressed against an actual hot iron. Flesh boils over leaving unsightly scarred up tissue across the one side of a person’s face.

Negan’s Reign Ends

Walking-Dead-127-Rick-GrimesAfter the dust settles from Negan’s reign, the comic book series jumps a bit into the future. We get to see locations flourish into lively communities with fresh farmlands and livestock. More importantly, we get to see our favorite characters age – which also looks a big weird!


Whisperers_136We’re still very early into the story arch that deals with a group called The Whisperers. This is a group that makes their appearance in issue #130. What keeps The Whisperers different from other groups like Negan’s Saviors, Woodbury or even the Hunters is how they disguise themselves. Much like a cult based group, The Whisperers skin walkers and take their flesh to make a disguise that can be easily put on and taken off. While we still don’t know too much about the group, it would seem that they can hide among the dead and resort to an animal like behavior on various occasions.

These are only a few comic book moments we hope to see in the show. There are a plethora of other story lines we still hope to see. What are some of your favorite comic book moments you hope they include in the show? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!