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‘Heath’ Cast in Season 6 of The Walking Dead


Although this is a bit of old news (sorry, I’ve been away getting married and stuff), it is definitely still worth posting. Since the introduction of the Alexandria Safe Zone in Season 5, many fans have been wondering about the whereabouts of comic book fan favorite Heath.

After it appeared as though Heath wouldn’t be introduced, many assumed that the role would be assumed by Noah, played by Tyler James Williams. Well, we all know how that worked out. Too soon?

Fortunately for fans, it turns out we will in fact get to see the television version of Heath in Season 6 of The Walking Dead. The Spoiling Dead Fans recently stated that Corey Hawkins will reportedly play the character. Although nothing is 100% confirmed at the moment, a photo from the set shows Hawkins with a very similar look to his comic book counterpart.


This appearance on set seems to tie into a recent casting call for a character by the name of “Delvin.” Up until this point, we had assumed that viewers were introduced to all characters in the Safe Zone. Apparently that is not the case. Does the introduction of Heath mean that we might still see other comic book fan favorites like Dr. Denise Cloyd?

Wetpaint recently reported a casting announcement for a character named “Allison.” While this also isn’t confirmed, the description sounds starkly similar to the comic character Denise Cloyd. So we might actually get two new comic characters in Season 6 if everything goes to plan.

THE WALKING DEAD, Episode #602

Director: Jennifer Lynch

Writer: Seth Hoffman

602 Outside Dates: 5/15-5/27



[ALLISON] Female, Late 20s to early 40s. A smart, artful, and charming psychologist who quickly turns awkward and messy when it comes to her personal life. She’d much rather stay safely inside her comfort zone, but the true test of her mettle comes when the comfort’s gone and the stakes are life and death. She’s not cynical and really cares about people…RECURRING GUEST STAR / MULTIPLE EPISODES. WILL APPEAR IN 602 (5/15-5/27), 605 (6/9-6/18), & ADDITIONAL EPISODES TBD (OUTSIDE DATES: 6/19-11/19). ACTOR MUST NOT BE CONTRACTED TO ANOTHER PILOT / SERIES. WE CANNOT CONSIDER ANYONE WHO IS IN SECOND POSITION.

Which other characters from the Alexandria Safe Zone are you hoping make an appearance in the show? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

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