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Latest Castings for ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ – 3 New Roles Announced

As the premiere date nears, fans of The Walking Dead franchise are going berserk over any small details released regarding Fear The Walking Dead, the LA-based spinoff series slated for a late-summer 2015 release. A plethora of casting announcements made the rounds earlier this year, with three new roles announced just this month.


Lorenzo Henrie, brother of Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie, landed the role of Chris Manawa. The character is described as being resentful to his dad, Travis (Cliff Curtis) for breaking up with his mom, Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez).


Earlier this month, Mercedes Mason was cast as a series regular. No other information was disclosed regarding the role.


Ruben Blades, most known for his movie roles and musical career, will join the cast as a series regular playing a character by the name of Daniel. Daniel is the father of Mercedes Mason’s character.

With these most recent casting announcements, the companion series is continuing to sound like one massive soap opera full of divorces, ex-lovers, and a ton of teenage angst. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Dave Erickson stated, “the main narrative drive is the conflicts with this family dynamic and how those things are exacerbated by the arrival of the apocalypse.”

Sounds like fans that enjoy the more “action-packed” nature of The Walking Dead might get a little bored with the companion series. Fans already complain that the mothership series is often “too much talk and not enough action,” so will a show that is more “character-driven” enjoy the same popularity? Only time with tell, but sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.