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Hulu Acquires Exclusive Rights to ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ & Future AMC Series


While an official premiere date has not yet been publicized, Hulu announced today during its NewFront presentation that they’ve reached a (reportedly expensive) deal with AMC to exclusively stream episodes of The Walking Dead companion series Fear The Walking Dead. The announcement also suggests Hulu acquired all rights to new and upcoming scripted series from AMC, as well as a host of other channels’ programming.

In an official statement from programming chief Craig Erwich, Hulu reveled in their newfound partnership. “FX and AMC are the most important contributors to the new golden age of television. Our competitors have some of their libraries, but we will have all of their future.”

Ouch, harsh words. Talk about calling out Netflix, who made a deal with AMC back in 2011 to bring Mad Men and The Walking Dead to their streaming service. This is the first new AMC show that will not be streamed on Netflix. Netflix still retains rights to The Walking Dead mothership show, as well as Breaking Bad.

According to the agreement, Hulu users will be able to access AMC series prior to each season’s network premiere. What does this mean for us “simple folk” who subscribe to monthly cable packages and not online streaming services? Does this mean we won’t be the first people to view new episodes of Fear The Walking Dead?

What are your thoughts about Hulu’s exclusive claim on all future AMC programming? Are you a Hulu subscriber, and if not, would you be willing to pay for the service to see the episodes early? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.