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Two New Recurring Characters Added to S6 of The Walking Dead


According to E! News, two new characters have been added to Season 6 of The Walking Dead. The details are sparse, but according to the source, characters by the name of “Delvin” and “Tucker” will appear early on in the show.

“Delvin,” who is somewhat cynical and sarcastic, does not hold his tongue very often when it comes to dealing with people he deems to be unintelligent. He is not angry; he just thinks people are dumb.

Another character named “Tucker” is described as a hardworking tough guy who values fairness.

Both of these characters will be recurring. As far as we know, no actors have been cast.

At, we usually like to pair the character descriptions with whom we believe these characters represent in the comic book. However, since the descriptions are rather brief and ambiguous, we have not a clue! We are assuming that these will be additional members of the Alexandria Safe Zone, and not necessarily related to The Wolves.

As usual, one can only assume that “Delvin” and “Tucker” are code names, since AMC and The Walking Dead do not like to reveal any major character spoilers to come. It’s also possible that these are completely original characters to the television series, and do not overlap with the comics.

Based on your knowledge of the comics, does anyone in particular come to mind? Sound off with your speculations in the comments section below!

Ryan Smith