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The Walking Dead Season 6 to Begin Filming May 4 in Senoia


News regarding The Walking Dead has been a little quiet since the Season 5 finale in March. However, now that filming is set to start on May 4 for Season 6, fans should expect some decent rumors and spoilers to start surfacing. In a recent article published by, details surrounding filming locations for this year have released.

On Monday night, location manager Mike Riley appeared before the city council to present his filming plans for Season 6. Here are the important details of the meeting:

  • Filming will mostly happen within the walls of the Alexandria Safe Zone for Season 6; however, there will be instances where filming needs to take place outside the walls for particular episodes.
  • Depending on certain scenes, there will be a “need to provide safety for our cast and crew and for the general public.” However, Riley was unable to go into any detail about those scenes.
  • An episode is set to be filmed outside of the walls from May 15 to 28
  • Riley requested occasional closures of certain roads, and when prodded for answers he responded, “At some point …something will be happening… there will be action that is involved… it could be stuff that people need to stay away from. I can’t really go into a lot more detail… it will be known when we do it, why we did it.” The council approved this request.
  • Signs requesting homeowners to stop mowing their grass are starting to pop up around the filming locations.

As more filming details become available, we will be sure to update you with all the latest news about Season 6 of The Walking Dead. If you live around that area, feel free to send your pictures to and we will get them posted on the website.

Sebastian C.