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Fear The Walking Dead Spinoff Will Not Reveal Zombie Virus Origin


Bad news, zombie fans. If you were hoping to learn more about “Patient Zero” on The Walking Dead spinoff, it is not going to happen. Although ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘ has been dubbed as a prequel of sorts, the show will reportedly not delve into the origins of the zombie virus. Similar to the mothership show, Robert Kirkman stated in a recent interview that he has no plans of diving into what exactly caused the zombie apocalypse.

During a NAB panel alongside AMC President Charlie Collier and actor Steven Yeun (Glenn), Kirkman said that he’s not interested in “fixing” or “learning the cause” of the outbreak, as he finds those story lines to be played out too often. Instead, this show will focus on the struggles of each individual character – sounds a bit like The Walking Dead.

So what exactly will make this show different from the original? Evidently, not much. Kirkman promised that the spinoff “pays homage” to the original while putting its own twist on things. He also teased, “It’s possible that the people that we’re following in the show are maybe a little bit more deadly in certain ways.” What exactly that means? Nobody knows. I’m not sure anyone can get more deadly than Rick Grimes, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

With all the recent details about the companion series emerging, are you looking forward to the spinoff or do you think it might just be more of the same? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.