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#71 – “Penultimate Casserole” – E15:S5 – “Try”


So many questions, so few answers. This week we take a break from our regularly scheduled program of getting shit faced drunk on the podcast and actually attempt to have somewhat of an insightful conversation. Although we classified this episode as mostly filler, it did open up a plethora of questions that we hope will be answered in next Sunday’s Season 5 finale.

On this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast we discuss:

  • Season 5/Episode 15 entitled “Try”
  • This crazy fan theory about Morgan getting killed off by the wolves
  • Predictions for the season finale – who will die?
  • Will the Wolves be introduced in the season finale?
  • Can Enid be trusted yet?
  • How in the hell did Nicholas get the ‘J’ gun?!
  • Is Deanna the “true leader” of the Alexandria Safe Zone?
  • Rick’s freak out and subsequent beating over the head by Michonne
  • Zombie Kill of the Week
  • Episode Ratings & Pick of the Week

Dennis’ Pick of the Week: I have no idea what Dennis was talking about on this episode. So if you do, you should be able to find it pretty easily online.

Sebastian’s Pick of the Week: Photo recaps from Reddit user The Nard Dog – all of his photo recaps of each episodes can be found on Imgur.

Ryan’s Pick of the Week: iZombie, a new series on CW that’s essentially like CSI but…with zombies. Ryan actually watched one of the episodes and it was better than he expected.

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Thanks for listening to this episode! We’ll be back next week to chat about the Season 5 finale, Episode 16 of The Walking Dead entitled “Conquer.”

Sebastian C.