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Theory Suggests Morgan is Killed by The Wolves in S5 Finale

Put your tin foil hats on because we are about to take you on a trip to crazy town. As most of you already know, fans have been speculating the whereabouts of Morgan Jones since the last time we saw him in the midseason finale ‘Coda.’ Since then, we have not seen any of Morgan, nor do we have any inclination as to how he will reintegrate with the group. However, in the last episode of The Walking Dead (Episode 15 ‘Try’), Daryl and Aaron stumble upon the remains of a number of people who were dismembered by The Wolves. If you look closely, the camera pans to two arms and a pair of black sunglasses lying on the ground. While this went unnoticed by most, perceptive viewers on Reddit drew their own theories about the identity of the dead body.

Reddit users imClot and Catapilarkilla seem to suggest that the body parts featured in Episode 15 are actually those of Morgan Jones. But wait, don’t scoff at this fan theory just yet! Look at the photos below. You can clearly see that the arms are those of an African American man, wearing the same jacket that we saw Morgan wearing in in the midseason finale. Additionally, the black sunglasses appear to be an almost exact replica of the glasses Morgan is last seen wearing. Even the wedding ring appears to match the ring Morgan was wearing in the pilot episode.

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Other astute viewers reminded fans that Morgan was not wearing his wedding ring in later episodes. However, seeing as Morgan has recently regained his sanity (or so we presume), it is not entirely unlikely that he would once again don the ring.

Opponents of the theory are arguing that a major character like Morgan would not be killed off screen. But one Redditor has a simple explanation for this: flashbacks. Being that the entire fifth season of The Walking Dead has featured flashbacks in regards to Morgan’s story, it is likely his story could end the exact same way it began, in a flashback. This could help to explain why the season 5 finale will be 90-minutes long – accounting for the extra time to include Morgan’s journey, and ultimately his death at the hands of The Wolves.

So now the big question remains: why would the writers reintroduce Morgan only to have him killed off so quickly? Unlike the writers of other popular television series (cough LOST cough), The Walking Dead makes an honest effort to answer questions they create. Tying Morgan into this arch would be an effective way to wrap up his story without having to fully integrate him back into the show. Additionally, there is no word whether Lennie James, the actor who plays Morgan, was interested in returning to the series. Therefore, it is possible that the writers asked him to return for a few short cameos just to wrap up his story.

Do you think this wild fan theory bares any truth, or do you believe Morgan will show up at Alexandria safe and sound? Put your tin foil hats on and speculate with us! Sound off in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.