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Leaked Spoiler Details for Episode 15 ‘Try’


Another week, another round of spoilers from our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans. If you don’t want to be spoiled, turn back now! The penultimate episode for Season 5 is set to air on Sunday, March 22 at 9PM EST on AMC. Who will Daryl encounter on his first recruiting mission for the Alexandria Safe Zone? Do we find out any additional details about Pete and Jessie’s relationship? More importantly, will anyone kick the bucket? Find spoilers for the next episode of The Walking Dead below:

Do we see the “wolves”?

No, but Daryl and Aaron find a cut up walker, only its torso is missing. They find a woman tied to a tree, nude, guts hanging out with a W cut into its head. There are also two other walkers at separate points with the same W on its head.

Does Tara die from her head injury?

Tara is apparently ‘stable’. Nothing more about her.

Who is Sasha shooting at?

She shoots a lot of walkers. Some are walkers in the woods because she wants to attack instead of defend. She shoots some that are banging on the walls of the community.

Why is Enid running?

Carl and Enid are chasing on another through the woods in a playful way.

Do we find out more about Enid and what her story is?

Carl asks but she won’t tell. All we know is that her mom is likely dead as she has her knife.

Does Rick find out about Gabriel telling Deanna they are bad?

Not at the moment. Gabriel is not in the episode.

What is Nicholas saying on camera to Deanna?

He is telling his version of what happened at the warehouse which is a complete, backwards lie.

What is Deanna burning?

A note of sympathy from an Alexandrite.

What is the red balloon in the middle of the lake?

It is a balloon tied to a toy boat that belongs to Sam. Rick is looking at it. Pete comes up behind Rick to greet him. Rick ignores him and after a while turns and eye fucks Pete and says, “Just keep walking.”

Do we find out if Pete is abusing Jessie or Sam?

Yes, he is abusing Jessie.

How does the fight start between Rick and Pete?

Jessie finally agrees to get help from Rick. Pete asks Rick to get out of his house and takes a swing at Rick.

Why are people in the safe zone running?

They are running because of the fight between Rick and Pete.

What is Deanna talking to bloody Rick about?

That Rick does not get to decide who lives in the community. Rick tells them they will not survive if they don’t fight. He goes a bit insane and gets knocked out by Michonne.

Does anyone die this episode? If yes, who?

Nobody dies.


Dare I say – sounds like a bit of a boring episode leading up to the season five finale. With that being said, what exactly do you think will occur in the finale to quantify a 90-minute extended episode? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.