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Will Morgan Be Daryl’s First Recruit for the Alexandria Safe Zone?


With only two episodes remaining in Season 5 of The Walking Dead, one of the biggest mysteries perplexing fans is whether Morgan Jones will make an appearance in the remainder of the season. The first time we encounter Morgan this season was at the very end of Season 5, Episode 1. Then at the end of the midseason finale, we see Morgan find a map with directions to Washington D.C., as well as a note referencing his old pal, Mr. Grimes; leading fans to assume he would follow the directions to find Rick. Since this time, little is known regarding the whereabouts of Morgan, or what he has been up to since the midseason finale.

In the most recent episodes of The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon officially becomes a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe Zone, per the request of Aaron and Deanna. In episode 14 “Spend”, we see Aaron and Daryl leaving the ASZ on their first recruiting mission. While the remainder of the episode focuses on other characters, it appears based on the trailer and synopsis that Daryl will be featured prominently in the next episode, as well as the season finale.

In the promo video for the penultimate episode “Try”, Daryl and Aaron come across a puzzling situation. A screen grab of the scene in question is below, which features what appears to be a dim light or fire in the middle of a wooded area. While the image does not provide a definitive answer, many fans believe that Daryl will stumble into Morgan. Could this be Morgan housing up for the night as he makes his way closer to the Alexandria Safe Zone?


One question that remains is how could Morgan have caught up to the survivors so quickly when it appeared as though he was weeks behind the group at Terminus? It is very possible that Morgan gained traction on the group as they walked from Richmond to the ASZ. Based on Episode 10, the group was tired, without vehicle, and running out of food and water. Traveling alone, Morgan could have made up some ground easily.

Another theory suggests that Daryl will be the first person to encounter ‘The Wolves’. Thus far, not much is known about them other than they pillaged Noah’s hometown, and enjoy carving the letter ‘W’ into zombie heads. This encounter could stir up some drama for the season finale, which would help to explain the extended 90-minute episode.

What are your theories surrounding the glowing light Daryl comes across next episode? Do you think Morgan will finally make an appearance this episode, or is it something more sinister like The Wolves? Could this be the light of the island? Whoops, sorry – wrong show. Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

Sebastian C.