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Who’s Who In the Alexandria Safe Zone? Comics vs. Show


Warning: spoilers for both The Walking Dead television and comic book series ahead. Turn back now or forever hold your peace!

The Walking Dead is already known for having a relatively large cast. But after last week’s episode entitled “Remember”, the leading roles have increased once again with the introduction of the residents of the Alexandria Safe Zone.

That’s why we thought it would be useful to throw together a comprehensive list of who’s who in the ASZ, as well as their supposed comic counter parts. Let’s get started!


Deanna Monroe, played by Tovah Feldshuh – the fearless leader of the Alexandria Safe Zone, fans were surprised to see a woman assume of role of comic book character Douglas Monroe (although most agree that it’s a refreshing change). It’s interesting to note that in the comic book, Douglas Monroe is married to Regina Monroe; while the show has swapped Deanna as the leader and “Reg” as her husband. Whether Reg Monroe is alive or not has yet to be seen in the show; however, Regina plays an important part in a comic storyline, so it’s up in the air whether her role will be assumed by another character.


Jessie, played by Alexandra Breckenridge – Jessie is the resident cosmetologist of the Alexandria Safe Zone, and also appears to have an affinity for owls apparently. Not much else is known about Jessie other than the fact that she has a mysterious cigar smoking husband named Pete who sits on his porch and lingers in the late night darkness, as well as two sons, Ron and Sam. Breckenridge recently went on the record with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss how Jessie will be different in the television show compared to the comic book:

“She’s not as much of a wilting flower. She’s stronger underneath than she was in the comic. I wasn’t going to look at the comics but curiosity killed the cat and I wanted to know what happens with her. The character is definitely different and you’ll see that throughout the season.”

olivia-vs-ann-mahoneyOlivia, played by Ann Mahoney – you may not have even caught this one if you’re not a reader of the comic books, but Olivia did, in fact, make her first appearance in last week’s episode. In the comic book Olivia handles the pantry and the armory. While it doesn’t seem like she’ll be in charge of the pantry on the show (since that role appears to have been taken by Breckenridge), her collection of the group’s firearms implies she may head up gun inventory at Alexandria – cue awkward Carol moment.


Aiden Monroe, played by Daniel Bonjour – the son of Deanna Monroe, and clearly a major douche nozzle. Based on what we’ve learned from the show already, it appears that Aiden is the lead runner, supported by Nicholas and now Glenn, Tara, and Noah. “Aiden” doesn’t actually exist in the books, but Douglas and Regina Monroe have a son named Spencer in the comics whose characteristics bear quite the resemblance to Aiden. We’re predicting that Aiden will likely assume Spencer’s role in the show.


Aaron & Eric, played by Ross Marquand and Jordan Woods-Robinson – Aaron and Eric are recruiters for the Alexandria Safe Zone; they’re also in a romantic relationship together. Both of these characters were featured in the comic book and appear to mimic their counterparts pretty accurately.


Pete, played by Corey Brill – Pete is the resident surgeon, husband to Jessie, and father to Ron and Sam. Presumably also a major douche nozzle based on his short interactions with Rick in the middle of the night. Pete was also featured in the comic books and appears to be playing a relatively similar role in the show.


Enid, played by Katelyn Nacon – a random survivor who joined the Alexandria Safe Zone eight months prior to Rick’s arrival. Not much is known about Enid seeing as she doesn’t speak much. Many fans are speculating that she may know the former ASZ members that were exiled by Deanna, or potentially has some connection to the group known as “The Wolves.” Since Enid wasn’t in the comics, we’ll just have to wait and see if the speculations turn out to be true.


Nicholas, played by Michael Traynor – a rather quiet guard and runner for the Alexandria Safe Zone. Nicholas appears to be the underling to Aiden. He is the father of Mikey and nothing else is really known about him. At this point in the show, Nicholas appears to be playing a similar role to his comic book counterpart for the time being.

How do you think these new characters will stack up against their comic counterparts? Are you happy that Douglas Monroe was swapped for a woman, or would you have preferred that the show stayed truer to the comics? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.