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Promo for Ep. 12 ‘Remember’ Shows Life in the Alexandria Safe Zone

Warning: spoilers for future episodes of The Walking Dead Season 5 below. Shield your eyes now!

South Africa did The Walking Dead fandom a solid the other day when they accidentally released the promo video for Episode 12 of The Walking Dead over a week before it’s set to air in the United States. In what we are assuming was an accident, Fox International in South Africa ran the promo video for ‘Remember’ instead of ‘The Distance’.

In the video, fans get a taste of the things to come a little later in Season 5; including our very first glimpses at life in the Alexandria Safe Zone. This video also helps to put to bed the rumors of Glenn getting bitten and killed in Episode 11, since we see him alive and quite well in the ASZ. Check out the video below:

FOX INTERNATIONAL 5.12 Promo from The Spoiling Dead Fans on Vimeo.

 Big thanks go out to The Spoiling Dead Fans and their insiders for releasing this video!


Sebastian C.