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The Walking Dead #141 Cover Art Shows…a Reformed Negan?

Ever since the end of the All Out War arc, fans have been wondering about what Robert Kirkman will do next with Negan. If you don’t remember, Negan is not killed at the end of the arc, rather he is taken as a prisoner of Rick Grimes and housed in a prison facility in the newly rebuilt Alexandria Safe Zone. We are privy to the fact that Negan and Carl have this strange father/son relationship that hasn’t been expanded upon since the first few issues of the new arc. All we know is that Negan appears to have mellowed out quite a bit since his hay day as the leader of The Saviors.

But in this recently released cover art for Issue #141 of The Walking Dead, we see a very familiar looking Negan, compared to the worn and tired looking Negan we see in Issue #137. Has Rick’s attempt at reforming Negan worked? The cover definitely seems to imply it. But what could this mean for our survivors? Is Negan going to become a good-guy in the story, or is he up to his old ways? Only time will tell, but we at are VERY intrigued.

Check out the cover art below for Issue #141 of The Walking Dead entitled “Opportunity”:


What do you think this cover says about the upcoming storyline? We all know that Kirkman and Adlard like to screw with fans, so the covers aren’t always a representation of things to come. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.