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Why is Baby Judith STILL Alive? Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd Weighs In


Warning: comic book spoilers for The Walking Dead. If you plan to read the series, turn back now!

One of the biggest questions baffling diehard fans of The Walking Dead comic and television series is why in the holy hell is baby Judith STILL alive in Season 5? Those of you who have read the comic book know that baby Judith and Lori meet their demise during the prison raid at the hands of The Governor (although he doesn’t pull the trigger, a Woodbury resident does). However, based on the show, it appears that Judith may just have a sprinkle of the magical immunity dust that protects characters like Daryl Dixon, Rick, and Carl.

Most comic readers had assumed that baby Judith would get the boot early on in the series because, you know, keeping a baby alive during a Zombie Apocalypse would be damn near impossible and completely unrealistic. But Judith has survived all odds up until now thanks largely in part to her babysitters, Beth Greene and Tyreese.

Now that they’re gone, will baby Judith’s fate be sealed? Doesn’t sound like it. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd weighed in with her thoughts regarding why Judith is still alive this far into the series:

“Because we don’t like to follow the comic book exactly, and we felt it was very important to have that innocence and that hope. It’s a very, very bleak world. We’ve seen that and as long as there’s an innocent child, a baby that they can all care for we thought that that was keeping hope alive. The same way that the romantic relationship between Glenn and Maggie you can still have love. You can still find your soul mate in this apocalypse so that was really an important message of hope that we felt, you know, we see in every episode.”

Okay…but ‘love’ doesn’t require frequent diaper changes, formula, or your 100% undivided attention at all times. ‘Love’ also doesn’t cry, or moan, or coo when you’re quietly hiding from a herd of flesh eating zombies! The show has provided more than enough opportunities for the comic storyline to come to fruition – cue the bloody car seat during the prison raid – however, the producers haven’t been able to pull the trigger.


We’re not advocating the death of a child (in real life), but we are Walking Dead purists in the sense that we like to see as many of the comic book story lines come to life in the show as possible. That being said, how long do you guys think Baby Judith will last in the show? Will she outlive Rick and Carl? Maybe she’ll be the new female lead in Season 10? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.