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Spoilers: Comic Character ‘Eric’ to Appear in Episode 11 of Season 5

the-walking-dead-jordan-woods-robinson-ericWarning: casting and character introduction spoilers for The Walking Dead season 5. Turn back now or shield your precious eyeballs!

The Spoiling Dead Fans are at it again; however, this time it’s in regards to a new character fans should expect to see in Episode 11 of The Walking Dead, set to premiere this Sunday night.

As most of you know by now, Aaron (played by Ross Marquand) was introduced during the last few minutes of Episode 10 last week. As we’ve stated before, Aaron will likely assume his comic book role as a recruiter for the Alexandra Safe Zone; recruiting Rick and his group to join their community outside of Washington D.C.

In the comic books, Aaron is in a relationship with Eric, and together they scout the surrounding areas looking for other survivors that they think would be quality contributing members of the Alexandria Safe Zone. Back in December, both Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple alluded to the fact that a prominent gay character from the comic would be introduced in the latter half of Season 5. While most fans assumed they were referencing solely Aaron, it appears as though we will get to see both Aaron and Eric by the end of the season. Based on the pacing of the season, it’s likely we will be introduced to a slew of new characters by the end of Season 5.

It’s reported that Eric will be played by Jordan Woods-Robinson. While Woods-Robinson’s resume is sparse, his IMDB shows that he has been featured in films like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 and a few other smaller television roles. Coupled with Ross Marquand, the pair seems like a good fit to play their comic counterparts.

Are you guys excited by the new character introductions? Personally, I love seeing any comic book character come to life. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.