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Leaked Episode Details for Ep. 11 ‘The Distance’


It’s only but a few days until the next episode of The Walking Dead airs on AMC. But for those of you who can’t wait, The Spoiling Dead Fans have come through again with major details regarding Episode 11 ‘The Distance.”

Warning: this is pretty much the entire blow by blow of the episode, so turn back now if you don’t want to be spoiled for the next episode. Still here? Good. Read on to find out what’s going to happen in the next episode of The Walking Dead:

Cold open prior to the credits:

  • The scene opens with the group hanging out in the barn doing stuff and thangs. Daryl is cleaning his BFF aka his crossbow. Rick is sitting on the ground with Judith, while Carl is messing with a piece of wood off the barn’s wall.
  • Maggie comes into the barn announcing to the group, “This is Aaron.” Daryl immediately approaches the barn door and makes sure there is no one outside. He then conducts a nice little TSA frisk on Aaron. Maggie states that she has already searched Aaron and removed his weapon.
  • The group, wary of this stranger, surrounds Aaron with their weapons pointed at him. Awkward Aaron offers an awkward “hi”. Rick asks Maggie for Aaron’s weapon. She hands over his pistol and officer Rick assertively checks it for ammo.
  • Rick asks Aaron if he wants something from them. Sasha says that he has a camp that he wants the group to “audition” for. Aaron explains that he believes the group would be valuable additions to his community.
  • Aaron asks Sasha to hand Rick his backpack and says there is an envelope in the front pocket. Aaron explains he couldn’t just come along without some proof that his community exists. He shows Rick a photo of his community which features large walls. He mentions that their walls are strong and nothing dead or alive can get in. He says that security and their survivors are their top priorities. Aaron also mentions that it is his job to convince the group to follow him.
  • Before Aaron can explain anymore, an unamused Rick walks straight up to him and delivers an unforgiving punch right in the face, knocking him out cold.

Details for the remainder of the episode:

  • Rick sends others out to scout area and look for Aaron’s vehicles and friend.
  • Rick and Judith stay behind at barn, Aaron is tied up. Judith won’t stop crying, Aaron offers some apple sauce which Rick believes to be poisoned.
  • The group comes back and confirms and RV and vehicle exists, but no one else is found. They vote on going with Aaron, but Rick wants to make the trip on his own terms.
  • They leave at night in Aaron’s car and RV. Rick, Michonne, Glen and Aaron are in the front car with the rest of Ricks group following in the RV. They hit a herd of walkers but don’t slow down so the RV does not run into them. The RV is no longer following them. Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron have to abandon the car.
  • A flare goes up, Aaron says it’s his friend. Rick, Glenn, Michonne and Aaron head into the woods. After fighting off some walkers they see Daryl, who whistles them into a building. Eric is there along with the RV group who had saved Eric after he shot the flare because he was apparently in trouble.
  • The next morning they leave for the safe zone. Rick stashes a pistol in an old blender outside the walls of the safe zone. The group gets out of their vehicles and wait for the gates to open. End of episode.

[SOURCE: The Spoiling Dead Fans]

Now that you know, what do you guys think about the episode? From the sounds of it, we will be introduced to yet another comic book character, Eric. We’ll also get our first glimpse of the Alexandria Safe Zone! This is all very exciting for comic book fans! Sound off with your thoughts regarding Episode 11 ‘The Distance’ in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.