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Things You May Have Missed in This Week’s Episode of The Walking Dead

Everyone loves a good Easter Egg, and there were plenty of them in Episode 9 – “What Happened and What’s Going On”! There are a number of things you may have missed in last weekend’s midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. Did you catch all of them? Lets find out!

1. Noah’s Cut Defines Time


In  the beginning of the episode we see Noah crying on the ground with a gash on his forehead. Most fans assumed he was crying for Beth during her funeral.


However, later in the episode we see him climbing through a fence and he cuts his head on a wire. This is supposed to show the viewer that he is actually crying as a result of the events that occurred during the episode, possibly due to the death of Tyreese or the destruction of his hometown.

2. Father Gabriel’s Burial Bible Verse

Father Gabriel is seen standing over a grave reading two different verses from the Bible both of which are from 2 Corinthians 4:18 and 5:1.



3. Road Clock and Alarm Clock Times Have Significance



If you didn’t catch this one we won’t blame you, but if you look closely at the clock laying in the road and the alarm clock in the bedroom, both read 5:09, which is the Season and Episode number for this episode.


There was also Lizzie’s watch that appears to read 5:55 but we’ll just ignore her watch like we ignored her when she was alive in the show.

4. Oh yea, and about that voice you heard on the radio….


That’s our main man, Andrew Lincoln (aka Rick Grimes) reading the radio broadcast in his normal British speaking voice. WHAT?!?!?! Mind blown.

5.Beth’s Encore Song


In this episode, Beth shows back up and she’s singing again, reminding us yet again that Emily Kinney also has a blossoming singing career on the side. The song she is singing in this episode is Struggling Man by Jimmy Cliff, which is fitting because Tyreese is struggling with his inner demons, trying to decide if his actions in life were justified.

6. Tyreese Doesn’t Pay Attention to Road Signs


Apparently Noah’s younger brother liked to collect road signs because on the door to his bedroom were two signs that read “Do Not Enter” and “Dead End”. These are a pretty obvious foreshadowing of what happens to Tyreese. If only he paid more attention to them.

road-sign-image-117. Anyone See That Cool Night Stand Zombie?


To be honest, Noah’s brother has a pretty sweet room. If I had a room this cool room growing up that would have been awesome! Those planes, road signs and even that sweet zombie figure on the night stand perfect the ensemble. Just needs a N64.

Also, we found it rather interesting that there would be a zombie action figure on his nightstand, seeing as “zombies” are not actually supposed to exist in the world of The Walking Dead.

8. Dogs Are Near

The phrase “Wolves Not Far” appears several times throughout the episode. The first time you see it spray painted on the side of a burned out building as the crew drives to Noah’s neighborhood.


The second time you see it is within Noah’s neighborhood spray painted on a wall.


But what does this mean you might ask? Well some people believe it might be foreshadowing a future encounter with another group of survivors. I think it is foreshadowing to next weeks episode called “Them”. In the American promo for next week’s episode, we see a pack of dogs for a brief second following each other through some bushes.


If we look at New Zealand’s promo for next week there is a clear shot of another dog, which is obviously a Maltese.


9. Where Has All the Blood Shed Gone?


Did you happen to notice that Beth, Lizzie, and Mika’s bloody wounds disappeared in the car after they turned off Andrew Lincoln’s sexy radio voice? Well they did! This has to do with Tyreese accepting his fate and that everything he had done was justified in life. As Lizzie says, “It isn’t just okay, it’s better now”.



I’m assuming Bob got his leg back too.

10. Glenn’s Up To Bat


Did you happen to see Glenn pick up that baseball bat? This is foreshadowing to something that will happen in the future. I don’t see it happening anytime soon though and I’m definitely not going to spoil anything for you. Just simply, remember this. Sweet Mustang!

Did you catch all these cool little things in this week’s episode? Did you learn something new? Sound off in the comments section below with anything we may have missed. Also, check back next week for cool Easter Eggs in the next episode titled “Them”.

Ryan Smith