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Midseason Premiere Easter Egg a Sign of Things to Come for Glenn?


Warning: major comic book spoilers ahead, as well as midseason premiere spoilers if you haven’t already seen Episode 9 of The Walking Dead. Turn back now or forever hold your peace.

Most of us have come to know and love Robert Kirkman‘s trolling of fans. Any opportunity he has to screw with us, he takes it. If you viewed the Season 5 midseason premiere last night, you may have noticed a slight nod to fans of The Walking Dead comic book series – a scene that would have gone completely unnoticed by viewers not privy to the comic book’s dark story telling.

After arriving at Shirewilt, located in Noah’s hometown of Richmond, Glenn and the rest of the gang are chatting about the events that unfolded at Grady Memorial Hospital. As the conversation progresses, we see Glenn start toying around with a baseball bat that he finds. This is a relatively unimportant thing for standard viewers; however, it’s pretty safe to say that this was definitely a hint of things to come for Glenn.

If you’re familiar with the comic book, the group travels to Washington D.C. in a similar way to the show, however under different pretenses. After safely arriving at the Alexandria Safe Zone, Glenn is later murdered by Negan, the much-anticipated comic book villain that many fans are assuming will make an appearance relatively soon in the show. How is he murdered, you ask? In one of the most gruesome scenes in the entire comic series (Issue 100), Glenn is bludgeoned to death by Negan’s barbwire wrapped baseball bat named “Lucille.” Yes, it’s just as horrible as it sounds.

While we at don’t believe that Negan will appear in Season 5, it’s safe to say that the creators of the show are definitely hinting at his future arrival. An additional tidbit regarding this Easter Egg was Noah getting a cut on his forehead from the barbed wire that was surrounding his old community. This is definitely another nod to everyone’s favorite baseball bat, Lucille.

Did any astute viewer out there catch these Easter Eggs? When do you think Negan will be introduced and do you think Glenn will meet his maker at the hands of Lucille? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.