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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ – Spinoff Script Leaked Online for Pilot Episode


With such a large fan-base, it comes as no surprise that AMC and The Walking Dead have had a rather difficult time keeping the lid sealed on many of the plot lines viewers can expect to see throughout the series. Thanks to The Walking Dead spoiler sites like The Spoiling Dead Fans, fans of the show have been in on many of the major character deaths and presumed story lines way before they ever make it to the screen.

That being said, it appears that the Walking Dead spin-off is already suffering the same fate as the original. Near the end of January, reportedly got their hands on the script for The Walking Dead spinoff’s pilot episode, which was set to start filming in January. Based on the script details, the pilot episode is rumored to be named “Fear The Walking Dead” – how original. The pilot episode was originally nicknamed “Cobalt”, but that was presumed to be the working title and not the actual name of the episode.

Based on what we already know, the spinoff will be a “prequel” of sorts based in Los Angeles – showing the lead up to the zombie apocalypse we’ve come to know and love in the original series. Based on the script’s details, it seems like we’ll get additional details about the CDC’s handling off the outbreak. Another interesting detail from the leak is the use of curse words in the script. Will the series bleep out curse words, or is this just being used in the script for added drama? Robert Kirkman did recently state that the companion series will be “very different” and have a new visual style – leading us to wonder if it will take on more of a “comic book feel.”

Since the news went live, AMC appears to have sunk their fangs, er..lawyers, into, resulting in them removing the screen shots of the script – which only helps validate the information as true. We were able to find some of the remains online, but it only adds to the new show’s ambiguity. Check out a few excerpts from the script:


How successful do you anticipate the spinoff being? Do you think the creators will be able to differentiate the companion series from the original while keeping it interesting for the viewers? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.