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Nerdist Reveals a Major Spinoff Character to be Featured in TWD Season 6?


AMC and The Walking Dead have been relatively hush-hush regarding The Walking Dead companion series set to debut in 2015. While the filming location and a couple of actors have been cast, fans of the franchise are slowly finding out more of the intricate details.

In a recent video published by Nerdist News, Jessica Chobot revealed another interesting tidbit about the spinoff that even TWD fan-boy Chris Hardwick wasn’t aware of.

According to Chobot, at least one of the main characters from The Walking Dead spinoff will be featured in a 6 episode arch during The Walking Dead Season 6. How would this work, you ask? Who knows! Chobot speculates that this could be achieved through the use of flashbacks, or potentially just older, hardened versions of the spinoff characters after they made their way East from the West Coast.

This sounds a little fishy to us. If Season 6 was to feature older versions of the characters, wouldn’t that spoil the major character deaths before the spinoff even starts? And secondly, dedicating six episodes in Season 6 to characters from another show, even in flashbacks, would seem disjointed and out of character for The Walking Dead proper, as flashbacks have rarely been used throughout the first 5 seasons.

What could happen is post credit scenes, similar to what we’ve seen with Morgan in Season 5. This would layer another story into the show without interrupting the storyline of the original.

What do you guys think? How should they handle the integration, or do you think they should keep the shows completely separate? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.