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Could The “Prominent Gay Character” Be an Aaron/Jesus Remix? Gimple Dishes on New Character in Season 5B

Spoilers for The Walking Dead comic book and television show – you have been warned.

aaron-the-walking-deadDuring the midseason finale of The Talking Dead, Robert Kirkman revealed that a “prominent gay character” from the comic book series would be introduced during the back half of Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

With rumors circling of the upcoming appearance of the Alexandria Safe Zone during season 5B, most fans of the comic book assumed that a man by the name of Aaron would be the next comic specific character to be introduced in the show. Aaron is introduced in Issue 67 of The Walking Dead, and is dubbed as a recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Together with his boyfriend, Eric, they scoured the surrounding areas for survivors they deemed worthy of joining the ASZ – this is how Rick and his band of survivors eventually get to the Safe-Zone.

However, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scott Gimple was questioned as to whether Aaron would be making an appearance as the prominent gay character from the comics that Kirkman promised, and he made it seem as though it might not be the character that everyone is expecting:

So Robert Kirkman said on Talking Dead last night that you will be introducing “a very prominent gay character from the comics.” I mean, I think that has to be pretty obvious for fans of the comic whom he is talking about when he says that, right?
Well, but, you know as a reader of the comic that there isn’t just one gay character in the comic.

True, but there is a big one right around this time, however, that would match up nicely.
Well, what is “this time,” really? I will say, we do loop back into some really specific comic stories in the back half, but we are playing with time and remixing things, so it might be the character you are thinking of, or it may be a different character.


Scott Gimple is either trying to a) cover up the fact that Aaron will be introduced, or b) Aaron could be remixed with another popular gay character from the comics, Paul Monroe (a.k.a. Jesus).

Paul Monroe, commonly known as “Jesus” is a character introduced much later in the series – Issue 91, to be exact. He is a member of the group known as “The Hilltop“, who works out an agreement with the Alexandria Safe-Zone to alleviate some of the trade pressures they have with The Saviors – but we are getting WAY ahead of ourselves.

While we are of the mindset that Gimple is just trying to add some more mystery to Aaron’s Season 5 introduction, it wouldn’t be the first time that a character was remixed for the series – a la Gareth, the leader of Terminus who was designed specifically for the show to mimic Chris, the leader of The Hunters from the comic book.

For several reasons, it’s very possible that the characters known as Aaron and Jesus will be combined for the television series.

  • There is already an overabundance of “lead” characters in the show. Combining two into one would alleviate some of the stresses of having to “kill off” some characters to introduce more. Compared to the comic, the show moves at a snail’s pace when it comes to killing off main characters.
  • If Gimple is playing with timelines, it’s not necessarily a requirement that Jesus be introduced later in the show, as he and Aaron are introduced in very similar ways in the comics.
  • There was an image or two circling around The Spoiling Dead Fans’ page a couple weeks back that showed a couple of characters with very similar appearances compared to those of their comic book counterparts – more specifically, Holly and Jesus. While it hasn’t been confirmed whether these are crew members or not, some of the images show the Holly and Jesus lookalikes powwowing with Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene).


So what do you guys think? Would you prefer to see Aaron and Jesus as two separate characters, or would it be cool if they were combined into one. Jesus is arguably the better character between the two, so it would be awesome if he was introduced earlier than expected. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.