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UPDATE: The Walking Dead Spin-Off to Be Set in Los Angeles

Update: 12/16/2014 has officially reported that The Walking Dead Companion series will be set in the Los Angeles area.

This comes as little surprise as we announced on Saturday that the filming location would be Los Angeles. But, now it’s official! There is no word whether the story will stay in Los Angeles full-time, or if just the pilot episode will be filmed there.

Original Story:

There has been so much hype and drama over the new The Walking Dead companion series in the recent weeks. First it was reported that the series would be filmed in Pennsylvania until we were able to disprove that. Then three principle roles were cast for the series that is now being dubbed as “Cobalt”. Since then, no news has arisen…until today.

According to Reddit user KiddMicks, his/her neighborhood is now being scouted for the upcoming spinoff series set to be filmed and released in 2015. KiddMicks claims to have received a letter from Key Assistant Location Manager, Ted Kim – who appears to have worked on a number of series and movies including “Law & Order: LA” and 2014’s movie “Sextape”.

And where will the spin-off series be filmed? Los Angeles, California. Below is an image of the letter KiddMicks received, as well as the transcript:


“Dear Resident:

We are currently scouting for filming locations in your area for the new television series, “Cobalt”. If you are interested in having a television show film at your home, please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the details.

Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!


Ted Kim
Key Asst. Location Mgr.
“Cobalt” Season 1″

According to the source, filming would take approximately three days to complete.

We will continue to look into this to verify its legitimacy and update this story with any additional details as they become available.

Sebastian C.