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Why Did Father Gabriel Leave the Church & Where Is He Going?


During last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, fans were treated to a more in-depth story line regarding the mysterious priest, Father Gabriel (played by Seth Gilliam). In episode 7 “Crossed”, Gabriel struggles with coming to terms with what happened in his church. Carl’s insistence on him selecting a weapon to defend himself also doesn’t help the matter.

Father Gabriel ends escaping the church once Rick and group head to Grady Memorial Hospital to retrieve Carol and Beth. This led many fans to wonder what exactly Gabriel was planning – seeing as he is less than capable of surviving on his own outside the confines of his church.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Seth Gilliam shed some light on where Father Gabriel was going after he made his daring “escape.”

“I have not actually seen the episode yet so I am not sure what is in and what is not, but he did have some lines where he was going out really to see if what was happening at the school really went down. Have people really reverted to cannibalism? Are they trapping other human beings and eating them? So I think it’s more of an exploratory mission than an escape. And also, for someone who is not going to fight, the other alternative is fleeing, so having a little escape route, whether he is intending to leave for good or not, is just somewhat comforting for him.”

This insight helps to explain the sneak preview for next week released on The Talking Dead, whereas Father Gabriel returns to the Hunter’s camp, only to find a bible and the remains of Bob’s leg propped in a campfire. Irony? I think so. This is a rather interesting turn of events for Gabriel, as he now sees that people that consider themselves “religious” are even willing to do horrible things in order to survive.

This visibly upsets Gabriel, but is it enough to convince him to return to the group during the midseason finale? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below!

Read the full interview here.