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Who Were The Men Abraham Killed in Self Help?


Spoilers for the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, as well as The Walking Dead comic book series. You have been warned.

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled “Self Help” featured the back story of Sergeant Abraham Ford. Up until now, not much was known about the mysterious military man hell bent on getting Eugene and Rosita to Washington D.C. to “save the world.” But on last night’s episode, fans learned about the events that led up to Abraham and Eugene joining forces to fulfill their mission.

While the episode was entertaining – and relatively predictable for comic fans – the show’s writers didn’t necessarily do a great job explaining who the men were in the grocery store at the beginning of the episode. In the comics, Abraham goes into a much more expansive detail of the events that led up to his family’s death.

Prior to meeting with Eugene, Abraham and his family were living with a community of locals in a grocery store. While on a supply run with other survivors from his group, Abraham’s wife and daughter were raped, while his son was forced to watch. After returning and finding out what happened, Abraham loses his shit and kills the men responsible – ripping them apart with his bare hands and “turning one boy inside out.” Similar to what is seen in the show, Abraham’s family is terrified of him after these events, which results in them leaving. Abraham searches for them, and eventually stumbles upon their eaten bodies.

ep505-Abes-Story-sThis storyline was generally featured on the show; however, much of the back story was left to viewer interpretation – so now you know!

What did you think of Episode 5 “Self Help”? Many of the scenes were pulled directly from the comic book series, reconfirming that Scott Gimple is very loyal to the source material. Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.