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Will Daryl and Beth Get Romantic? Emily Kinney Weighs In!

daryl-beth-relationship-the-walking-deadCan you hear the blood curdling screams of fan girls around the country yet? After Beth and Daryl appeared to be getting a little touchy feely during Season 4, many fans speculated that Daryl had dropped Carol on her ass for a new, hot young thing. However, since Emily Kinney’s character Beth went missing during the latter half of Season 4, all we’ve had to go off of is fan theories and possible confirmations on the part of AMC.

But during an interview on The Talking Dead after Episode 4 (Slabtown) aired last Sunday, Emily Kinney weighed in on whether Beth and Daryl have more of a brother/sister connection or a blossoming, romantic relationship:

“I think that they don’t know yet,” said Kinney. “I think that Beth and Daryl were just starting to get to know each other in those episodes where they were off by themselves and then in the funeral home. When they were getting wasted and hanging around in the woods, I think they were just like still getting to know each other. And I think that moment back last season when they’re sitting there having their little food and everything, I think that moment is just a ‘What is this?’ We don’t know. We have this special connection. I don’t know.”

Doesn’t sound like a confirmation or denial to us, but there is always the possibility that this will never be explored further. There have been plenty of rumors floating around regarding Daryl’s questionable sexuality – which has the possibility of destroying the lives of fan girls around the world – depending on which way he swings.

Would you rather see a Carol/Daryl relationship or a Daryl/Beth relationship? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.