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#58 – “Strangers in the Night” – E2:S5 – “Strangers”


Holy delay! We had a few technical difficulties earlier in the week which actually caused us to lose all of our audio, so we are very delayed in our released. For that, we apologize. Either way, The Walking Dead continued its rise to the top this week with Episode 2 “Strangers.”

On this episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast we discuss:

  • Walter White action figure gets banned from Toys R’ Us shelves – should The Walking Dead get banned too?
  • Emily Kinney performing at an Epilepsy Awareness event in our podcast’s home town!
  • Will Morales from Season 1 return to Season 5 of The Walking Dead?
  • The best ways to try and date Emily Kinney, and other celebrities
  • Ryan gives us a voice acting lesson on how to properly say words with “wh”
  • Will anyone care if Bob dies?
  • Father Gabriel’s big secret
  • Bob gets Bob-B-Q’d
  • Our top 5 from Episode 2 of Season 5 “Strangers”
  • Zombie Kill of The Week and episode ratings
  • Comic Overlaps from “Strangers”

Dennis’ Pick of the Week: Tiger Log Cabins has designed a very expensive zombie fortification cabin that’s available for purchase.­fortification­cabin­zfc­1/

Sebastian’s Pick of the Week: Slim Jim has partnered with The Walking Dead to rename their signature Carne Asada Steak Strips to “Carnage Asada Steak Strips” for a limited time. And now you can win some meat from The Walking Dead Enthusiasts by rating us on iTunes!

Ryan’s Pick of the Week: A fun (drinking) game based on Zombies. Check out “Zombie Dice” today!

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We’ll be back next week with a brand spanking new episode of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast reviewing Episode 3 of Season 5 “Four Walls and a Roof”.

Sebastian C.