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Kirkman on Record: “Rick Is NOT Still in Coma”


One of the biggest concerns many The Walking Dead fans have is that the events Rick Grimes is experiencing are not actually happening in real time. Many fans have speculated that Rick is actually dreaming about the Zombie Apocalypse as a result of his comatose.

Both the television show and the comic book start with Rick waking up in the hospital after he’s shot in the line of duty – leaving him in a coma for an undisclosed about of time. Once he wakes up, he realizes that the world has seemingly come to an end. Many fans feared that Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, would end of the series with Rick awakening in his hospital bed, realizing that all the events that unfolded were actually…”just a dream.”

In a recent article on Uproxx, the author puts Kirkman on blast and requests that he explicitly responds to allegations that Rick Grimes is not, in fact, living in a dream-world. Well, their wish came true (kudos to the author for getting Robert’s attention), because Kirkman responded on Twitter today with the answer we all expected – Rick Grimes is not still in a coma.

…And then followed up in typical Robert Kirkman fashion…

Relax, nerds. We can all rest assured that Kirkman wouldn’t have The Walking Dead end in one of the most cliche ways possible. Shocked by this news, or did you know it all along? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.