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Season 5 Premiere is Most Watched Walking Dead Episode EVER

the_walking_dead_baseball_batCould this be the best season of The Walking Dead yet? If viewer statistics has anything to say about it then fans may be in for a nice ride with Season 5 of The Walking Dead. A whopping 17.3 million viewers tuned in for the Sunday night premiere making The Walking Dead the most watched show of the evening – shattering its own personal records as well.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere saw a 7% increase in adult viewers aged 18-49 compared to Season 4. However, can we really be that surprised about the spike as the action is starting to kick in again? We’re no longer having to deal with episodes dragging on during the character’s journey to Terminus, not to mention that Beth and Daryl centric episode, Still.

With the season premiere being critically praised by so many, we’re wondering how will the rest of the season pan out. Mentioned on The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast, Sebastian, Ryan and Dennis are in agreement that this may be the best episode of the season – as long as they can keep the momentum going!

Strangers is the title name for the next episode of The Walking Dead which airs on October 19, 2014. We will of course keep you updated on the very latest Walking Dead news right here on The Walking Dead Enthusiasts!