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Morgan Follows Mystery Symbols in Season 5 Premiere


For the viewers who stayed after the credits rolled on the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, you were all treated with a clip that showed the return of the man that must “CLEAR”. Now that Morgan has returned I am sure people are probably wondering when he’ll meet a new group, and which group he’ll ending up joining – better yet, what’s his mission!

When it comes to Morgan and his mental state, the last time we saw him was in the episode Clear during Season 3. He was an entirely different person from when he and Rick first met during the first episode of the series. After the loss of his son Duane, Morgan started to mentally spiral downward to a point where couldn’t even recognize Rick; attacking him with a knife and stabbing him in the shoulder.

Now that a number of months have passed, Morgan comes upon the sign that Rick altered to now say “No Sanctuary”. After revealing his identity, Morgan finds and follows mysterious markings on the trees that lead to an unknown location. After seeing the markings on the tree fans were left with only one question – Rick wouldn’t leave markers on a tree that could indicate his location, knowing that all the people of Terminus aren’t dead, so who did?


Many viewers on Reddit pointed out that the symbol on the tree at the end of the episode was not that of the X-Men, rather one of many internationally used “hoboglyphs” (who knew that was even a thing). This symbol, in particular, translates to “Good Chance for a Handout”. Kind of interesting, although we’re having a hard time drawing the connection.


Could the symbols possibly be related to Father Gabriel’s introduction? Could he be providing refuge to other survivors? Better yet, who is even familiar with hoboglyphs to begin with? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.