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Alexandra Breckenridge Cast in Recurring Role on The Walking Dead

Alexandra-Breckenridge-The-Walking-DeadAlexandra Breckenridge (American Horror Story) has been cast in a recurring role on the fifth season of AMC’s hit television series The Walking Dead. Breckenridge will have the option to become a series regular later on in the series, if she survives.

Although AMC and The Walking Dead typically keep their casting details under lock and key, an initial release of the casting news suggests Breckenridge will play a character by the name of Samantha, an attractive, strong, smart, charming and articulate woman who also has a vulnerable side. She’s a mother with a bohemian spirit, and a talented artist.

As we know, casting descriptions tend to be falsely represented, as AMC doesn’t want to spoil any new comic book characters or plotlines to come. However, with major speculations, as well as set photos from a few months ago, it’s safe to assume that Rick and the group will make it to the Alexandria Safe Zone at some point in Season 5 – our guess, the mid-season finale or shortly after. So we’re speculating Alexandra will play one of the more significant characters from that portion of the comics.

Here are our top picks for who we think Breckenridge could represent from the graphic novels based on the character description:


Olivia – In the graphic novel, Olivia is in her mid-30s, has red hair, and is known to be cheerful and friendly to the people of the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Although she is generally friendly to Rick, she actually plots with two other members of the Safe Zone to assassinate Rick – which she feels she was manipulated into believing was the best decision for the larger group.


Dr. Denise Cloyd – In the graphic novel, Denise also has red hair, is in her early 30s, and is one of the three doctors in the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Not much is known about her in terms of her personality; however, she always seems to find herself in the precarious position of saving the life of one of our survivors.


Jessie Anderson – In the graphic novel, Jessie is a mother and abused housewife. After Rick defends her and confronts her husband, they begin to have a romantic relationship. Then…some bad things happen, and that’s all we’ll say.

Who do you think Alexandra Breckenridge will play in Season 5 of The Walking Dead? Do you think she will represent a character from the graphic novel, or will she play a completely original character? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.