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Was That Negan in the Season 5 Premiere of The Walking Dead?

We don’t blame you for thinking so. When Negan – the latest bad-to-the-bone supervillian to hit The Walking Dead comic book series – comes to mind, you automatically associate him with exactly what was occurring in the episode; raping and pillaging while giving zero-F’s about it.

So at the end of the episode when we see the female Termites getting abused by some type of biker gang, fans only assumed this was Negan and The Saviors. With questions looming about the mystery man’s identity, Robert Kirkman took to Twitter to quell the rumors.

— Robert Kirkman (@RobertKirkman) October 13, 2014

— Robert Kirkman (@RobertKirkman) October 13, 2014

And thanks to the investigators over on Reddit, one user posted a side-by-side of the scene to show that the tattooed mystery man locked in the freight container was also the same guy in the flashback sequence at the end of the episode.


Rumor squashed. Negan will come in due time, my friends. And when he does, you and the rest of the survivors will wish he didn’t.

Were you tricked by this Negan wannabe? When do you think Negan will actually make his first appearance? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sebastian C.