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#55: TWD Comic Quickie – Issue 127 & 128 – A New Beginning


We’re back and it feels so fine! After our interview with Charlie Adlard, we took a few weeks off to let it all sink in (at least that’s the excuse we’re sticking with). But either way, we’ve returned with a full sexual experience for your ears, since this “quickie” goes way over 15 minutes.

A New Beginning flashes The Walking Dead comic book series forward a number of years (possibly 2 but we’re not exactly sure yet). We are introduced to a number of new characters including Magna, a Rick Grimes-esque heroin. So far her group has been welcomed with open arms into Alexandria; however, Magna seems to think there is something more sinister taking place at this new “safe haven.” What impact will Magna have on Alexandria? Many fans are speculating that she may release Negan and wreak havoc on New Alexandria. What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below!

On this episode of TWD Comic Quickie Sebastian and Dennis discuss:

– Issue 127 and 128 of The Walking Dead Comic Book Series (A New Beginning):

  • How many years have actually passed since All Out War ended?
  • Analysis of all the new characters introduced in a New Beginning. How will Magna’s group interfere with New Alexandria
  • Is Negan a changed man, or is he just biding his time before he gets revenge?
  • What’s going on with the other main characters we haven’t seen – Maggie, Sophia, Michonne, Ezekiel?
  • Carl’s new father/son relationship with Negan
  • Will Negan get a redemption story?
  • Eugene and Rosita’s relationship dynamics

– The Walking Dead Season 5 Set News and Spoilers (BEWARE!!)

– The Walking Dead Spin Off Series

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Sebastian C.