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13 Hour Horror Themed Camping Experience Immerses Campers in Live Horror Story

terror-trails-reaper-entertainmentHave you ever wanted to act out your favorite horror movie (we all have our own zombie preparation plans, duh)? Didn’t you always find it dumb when a scared victim is running away from a psycho killer, not looking in front of them, and accidently trip and fall, thus meeting their demise? Think you are better suited to survive a horror film? Of course you do! Well…now is your chance to prove it.

Saturday, July 12th 2014 will usher in a new era of haunted attraction in the New England area, with Reaper House Entertainment’s Terror Trails experience.  Terror Trails is a 13 hour horror themed overnight camping experience which immerses participants in a live horror story.

Here, terror comes in many forms.  Whether you’re performing a native ritual alone in the woods, escaping a band of marauders, or simply closing your eyes to rest, every camper will face the terrors that lurk in the darkness, at some point throughout the night.

Sounds a bit like Cabin in the Woods…

At Terror Trails, campers will be greeted with a buffet style BBQ dinner (Terminus, anyone?), followed by a seemingly harmless, traditional scary campfire story.  However, at Terror Trails, nothing is harmless.  As the campers listen to the story, the story will suddenly come to life around them, setting the outdoor stage for the evening to come.  Campers will then be separated into groups to complete a series of dares, challenges, and missions—but watch out!  The woods are known to be infested with all sorts of spirits and creatures from the netherworld.  The terror will continue into the dark of the night, however, Terror Trails will ensure sufficient time for participants to sleep.  Terror Trails will conclude at nine o’clock in the morning, after breakfast.

Participation in any portion of the night’s activities is NOT mandatory.  However, those who elect to just hang out around the campfire and watch the latest horror movie will still be subject to random startles and scares.

Tickets to Terror Trails are available at and are on sale now.  Space is limited and based upon availability.  Persons under 18 years of age will not be admitted. Ticket price is $140 per person and includes: one night’s accommodation, dinner, continental breakfast, parking, the unique Terror Trails experience, and horror movies.  Items NOT included: sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, and drinks (other than what is provided with meals).  Group pricing, as well at tent and cabin accommodations are available.

As a fan of The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast and, Reaper House Entertainment is proud to offer $5 off ticket prices by using the code TWDEGUEST at check-out. Come out and meet Sebastian from The Walking Dead Enthusiasts Podcast, who will be participating in the event!

DISCLAIMER: Terror Trails is designed to terrify participants and may include isolation, sensory deprivation, water spray and splash, rough terrain, sudden loud noises, live actors and other visual and special effects (including being restrained, gagged, and blindfolded).  The intention of this event is to startle and frighten the participant.  At no time will participants be placed in any REAL danger.

Remember to use discount code TWDEGUEST at check-out to get $5 off your ticket price. Come alone or bring a group of friends. This horror themed event is sure to please fans of the horror genre.

Sebastian C.