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Was Glenn Killed Off The Walking Dead? Sources Say “NO”

News has been circulating through The Walking Dead universe today regarding the possible death of a main cast member last night.

Our personal insider is reporting that Andrew Lincoln has been “keeping to himself and has been seen looking contemplative and listening to music (on set). I’ve heard he does that when he needs to get into the mood of an emotional scene.”


[photo credited to Alexander C.]

Rumors are being spread by The Spoiling Dead Fans that Glenn met his demise during filming last night. This rumor was further propelled by a tweet from Alanna Masterson (aka Tara) stating “When Someone Great is Gone.”

We have information from our own reliable source on the ground in Georgia stating this rumor is 100% NOT TRUE. Our insider, who is familiar with the filming schedule, confirmed that Glenn has not been killed off at this point in filming.

Personally, I don’t think an actor on the show would tweet out something like that, especially since they know millions of fans are watching their accounts (as well as AMC and The Walking Dead). And we all know Seth Gilliam probably got a slap on the wrist for posting some recent instagram pictures.

Alanna’s tweet went out around between 10:30 AM and 1PM eastern yesterday and Steven was still filming and taking photos with fans well into the night. It’s also tradition that the main cast often support each other in tough scenes and deaths – Norman, Melissa, Chandler and Chad were all MIA from filming and the location in general yesterday.

UPDATE: It was reported that Michael Rooker was in Georgia last night. It’s been speculated that he was there to participate in Glenn’s “death dinner.” However, it has been confirmed that Rooker and Norman Reedus went out to dinner together last night alone, and that Rooker is in town for a convention.

We’ll keep you up-to-date with any additional news as it becomes available.

Sebastian C.