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‘Father Gabriel’ Seen on Set Filming Car Chase Scenes – The Walking Dead Season 5

Warning: possible major spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 5 below. Read at your own risk!

Speculations regarding Beth Greene’s whereabouts have been circling since The Walking Dead Season 4 finale concluded in March. Many assumed Father Gabriel Stokes was responsible for Beth’s abduction. While nothing has been officially confirmed, rumors that Seth Gilliam would be playing Father Gabriel in Season 5 have been rumored on many Walking Dead forums.

We just received official word on the ground in Georgia from our very own TWD insider “Sophia’s Babydoll” that Father Gabriel was seen on set tonight filming a car chase scene that involved a vehicle donning a white cross.


Some of you may remember the car that “kidnapped” Beth in Episode 13 ‘Alone’ had a white cross on the back windshield (photo above). Again, it’s not yet official whether it’s the same car that stole Beth, but how many cars are driving around in Georgia with giant white cross stickers on their back windshields? Actually, probably a lot.

If we happen to receive any photos from the set to confirm this, we will be sure to update this post.

Sebastian C.