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Seth Gilliam Instagrams Set Pics – Accidently Reveals Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 5?

Oops! On Wednesday, May 21st Seth Gilliam decided it would be a good idea to post photos from the set of The Walking Dead on his official Instagram page. He deleted the photos moments later, but come on, this is the internet. It’s almost guaranteed that a photo will be saved by someone even if it’s up for mere seconds. Check out the photos below:

Seth-Gilliam-Original-Spoiler-Pictures-The-Walking-Dead-2 Seth-Gilliam-Original-Spoiler-Pictures-The-Walking-DeadInstagramming set photos isn’t a very big deal; plenty of cast members have done it in the past. However, AMC or The Walking Dead must have had an issue with it since the photos were deleted only a few moments later. One would suspect that posting set photos is pretty harmless, but if you look at one of the photos a little more closely, it might reveal potential spoilers for Season 5 of The Walking Dead.

In one of the photos posted by Seth Gilliam, it’s pretty clear that Michonne can be seen in the background drinking a soda. While it’s not 100% confirmed, if you compare the outfit being worn by Michonne in the Season 4 finale and the recent photo, they’re pretty damn similar – tan shirt/jacket, gloves, green pants. Check out the similarities below. We used our own state-of-the-art clothing comparison software to accurately measure the likelihood of a match.

Seth-Gilliam-Instagram-Reveals-Michonne-Season-5-The-Walking-DeadAs you know, Seth Gilliam was recently announced as a series regular for Season 5. Speculations have been circling that he will be playing Father Gabriel Stokes, and could be connected to the “kidnapping” of Beth Greene in the finale.

This creates a few questions – Is Gilliam filming scenes with Michonne? Has Michonne escaped Terminus and found refuge with Father Gabriel Stokes? Could Gilliam be playing a Terminite who helps the gang escape? We’ve already heard local reports of explosions, loud screams, and more recently, photos of burned up bodies on the set. It’s possible that the Terminus set is no longer being used after Episode 1 or 2.

What are your thoughts on Gilliam’s photos? Do you think they reveal any major spoilers, or are we over analyzing the shit out of them? You be the judge! Sound off in the comments section below!

Sebastian C.