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#54: TWD Comic Quickie – Charlie Adlard Interview Post All Out War!

Charlie Adlard InterviewWelcome to a VERY special episode of The Walking Dead Comic Quickies. Dennis and I are so excited to announce our exclusive interview with Charlie Adlard. This man needs no introduction, but if you do, he is the lead artist on the hit comic book series ‘The Walking Dead.’

In this exclusive interview, we chat with Charlie about everything and anything relating to The Walking Dead. Check out some of the highlights below:

  • Bringing in Stefano Gaudiano to help ink All Out War. What type of impact did this have on the series?
  • Maintaining the continuity between the characters’ appearances throughout 127 issues
  • Find out which character Charlie dislikes drawing the most!
  • Charlie’s role in All Out War, as well as A New Beginning. When did he find out everything was going to change? What role did he play in the development of the characters’ appearances?
  • Clarifies the rumor about the twice monthly release schedule of the comic book after All Out War
  • Chatting about his new collaborative project with Robert Kirkman called “The Passenger”
  • Which character would he bring back to the series if he had the chance?

He answers all of this, and more, in our interview! So be sure to check it out below! Also, if you’re interested in purchasing some of Charlie’s original artwork, be sure to check out his page on

A big THANK YOU goes out to Charlie Adlard for joining us for this interview!

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Sebastian C.